Healthline Media, Inc.'s policies for online privacy and online safety are certified by TRUSTe

Privacy practices & standards:

  • By displaying the TRUSTe Certified Privacy seal, this company demonstrates the following:
  • Notice outlines the company's privacy policies, including the types of information it collects about or from you, how that information is used, what types of third parties may collect information from you or who your information is shared with, how to exercise preferences on how your information is used and shared, and how you can request access or deletion of your information.

  • Limits the information collected and limits use to what is specified in the privacy notice.

  • Provides you with a process to withdraw that consent. Your consent is obtained prior to using information it collects in a manner not specified in its privacy notice, and prior to sharing with third parties who are not working on the company's behalf.

  • Provides a way to request access to your information for the purpose of reviewing, correcting inaccuracies, or updating it. You may also request your information be deleted or no longer used.

  • Processes in place to comply with the privacy policies, notice and TRUSTe's Certification Standards, including taking reasonable measures to protect the information it collects, ensure the information is timely, relevant, and accurate, and retain it as necessary to provide services or meet legal requirements.

  • Processes in place to address your concerns and questions about the company's privacy practices, including the use of TRUSTe as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism. Companies have an ongoing commitment to comply with these Certification Standards.

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