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Discover why over 500,000 satisfied subscribers read Mayo Clinic Health Letter . This valuable newsletter provides practical information that can truly have a positive impact on your health and your life, all for just pennies a day! Every issue contains answers from Mayo doctors that can help improve your health at any age. As Dear Abby once wrote, there is a “wealth of practical information in this monthly newsletter.”

Every remedy, nutrition tip and health hint in Mayo Clinic Health Letter is medically sound. We don’t report folk tales and half-truths, only facts that are consistent with state-of-the-art medical knowledge. In addition to breakthroughs that can improve your health in lasting and dramatic ways, you’ll find scores of everyday tips you can use immediately.

One Subscriber writes:
"Thanks, Mayo Clinic. You have ended 12 years of nightly knee pain and loss of sleep. I've seen the best doctors I could get, in every branch of medicine. I am a 78-year-old man in otherwise excellent health. Your article on vitamin D had one paragraph on 'unspecified musculo-skeletal pain.' THAT was my problem. It was as if my name was on that paragraph! More vitamin D! I took a vitamin D supplement with dinner and eliminated the pain THE FIRST NIGHT. Taking the supplement with the evening meal has consistently done the job. My family and doctor and three separate pharmacists approve. Thanks!"

William D. of Virginia

Here's what other subscribers to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter have to say...
"The Health Letter and special reports have been a great source of information, giving us questions to ask our doctors about new procedures, and ways to keep us healthy at 80 and 84!"

"Thank you so much for your newsletter. This time, it seems it was written to address some of my very special needs. It always has something that my husband and I can relate to!"

"Your article startled me, as my wife had many of the symptoms described. I credit your article with information to deal with her condition. Otherwise, she may have waited until it was much more serious. We will be forever grateful."

"8 or 9 years ago I began having attacks of vertigo. I felt miserable! I remembered having seen an article in the Health Letter about dizziness and found it in the July 2000 issue. I followed the instructions for the Canalith Maneuver, and it worked beautifully. I am now free of vertigo for up to a year at a time. No medication -- just the maneuver!"

"I was a sedentary person with mild medication for Hypertension. I started subscribing to the electronic version of Mayo Clinic Health Letter around two years ago. After having access to the Health Letter web site, I printed out all the previous issues available and started reading one by one. The content is simple and elegant. I now exercise 5 days a week for around 90 min per session. Hence now I do not have medication/hypertension."

About the Medical Editor

Daniel Roberts, M.D.

Dr. Daniel Roberts is Medical Editor of Mayo Clinic Health Letter. He has been on staff at Mayo Clinic since 2003 and specializes in working with people in a hospital setting (hospitalist) at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s been an active contributor as a member of the editorial board of the Health Letter since 2012.

Dr. Roberts is the chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Subcommittee at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. He supervises medical school rotations and helps oversee patient safety projects.

His interests include drug safety, physician burnout, and the intersection between music and medicine.

As a hospital-based general internist, Dr. Roberts is actively involved in the health care of older adults and is eager to continue and build on the rich history of the Health Letter, which has been published since 1983.