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New Health GuideNew Health Guide for Your Everyday Health. About UsHomePain ManagementKidney & Urinary SystemCold, Flu & CoughDental CareFood & NutritionDigestive SystemMore... All Sex & Pregnancy Topics Bleeding or Spotting After Sex in Pregnancy Jul 10, 2017 Spotting after sex in pregnancy can be a cause of lot of concern and anxiety. Learn the reasons, how to prevent it and when you should consult your physician. View Full Article... What to Know about Sexual Intercourse After a C Section Jun 20, 2017 In order for you to enjoy your sex life again, there are things you should learn concerning intercourse after a C section. Learn the details. View Full Article... What Does Anal Sex Feel Like? Jun 24, 2016 What does anal sex feel like? Some say it feels intense and great, while others say anal sex is horrible. It varies a lot, but these experiences may give you a clue. View Full Article... How Do Girls Masturbate? Dec 08, 2015 How do girls masturbate? Well, girls masturbate by fingering, using vibrators, fondling breasts, etc. Read to see how girls use different methods to achieve their own orgasms. View Full Article... What Does Sex Feel Like to a Woman? Nov 26, 2015 What does sex feel like to a woman? Many factors can influence this, such as whether she's a virgin or not, if enough lubrication or foreplay is applied, etc. View Full Article... How Long Should You Wait for Sex after Birth? Dec 31, 2014 How long should you wait for sex after birth? How your body heals, your mood and how much energy you have will all affect whether or not you can or would like to have sex. Read on to find out the answer. View Full Article... Anal Sex During Pregnancy Dec 31, 2014 If you are concerned about your sex life and more specifically the safety of anal sex while pregnant, this article is for you. Learn everything there is to know about anal sex during pregnancy—whether it is safe and what precautions to take. View Full Article... Low Sex Drive After Pregnancy Sep 23, 2014 There are many reasons that affect a woman’s decrease in libido. However, low sex drive after pregnancy is normal for around six weeks after delivery. What is important is for the new parents to talk and use other methods to regain the sex drive. View Full Article... Sex After Birth Sep 22, 2014 You should wait for the time your body is healed physically before getting involved in sex after birth. This article describes various tips to make sex easier after birth. It also talks about the warning signs that need medical attention. View Full Article... Sex During Third Trimester Jan 07, 2014 People have numerous questions regarding having sex during pregnancy. This article explains when it’s unsafe to have sex during third trimester and the best positions in which you can have sex during third trimester of pregnancy. View Full Article... <12> Categories Pain Management Kidney & Urinary System Cold, Flu & Cough Dental Care Food & Nutrition Digestive System Men's Health Skin Ear, Nose & Throat Allergies Postpartum Care Miscellaneous Respiratory System Addiction Cancer Pregnancy Hair Disability Eye Health Brains & Nerves Diabetes Fitness & Wellness Oral Health Sex & Pregnancy Blood, Heart & Circulation Infections Parenting Immune System Bone, Joint & Muscle Endocrine System VIEW ALL...    Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHGUIDE.ORG © 2014, All rights Reserved. Last Updated 19 July, 2017. Current time: 07/19/2017 10:35:37 am (America/New_York)Memory usage: 3361.32KB