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New Health GuideNew Health Guide for Your Everyday Health. About UsHomePain ManagementKidney & Urinary SystemCold, Flu & CoughDental CareFood & NutritionDigestive SystemMore... All Fitness & Wellness Topics How Can Men Lose Thigh Fat Quickly? Jul 10, 2017 Reducing thigh fat in men is not as difficult as many think, but it does require a few lifestyle changes and commitment. Changes in diet and regular exercise are the only ways. View Full Article... Kegel Balls Benefits and How to Use Jul 09, 2017 Kegel Balls are used to increase sexual stimulation and also to exercise the PC or Kegel muscles. Learn their benefits, technique to use and various tips. View Full Article... Exercises, Diet & Dressing Tips to Get Curves Jul 05, 2017 Dreaming about a curvy and charming body line? You can change the way you look by paying attention to your diet, body fat percentage, and clothes. View Full Article... Hip Flexor Strain May 24, 2017 The hip flexors are a powerful group of core muscles important for normal movement and critical in sporting activities. Hip flexor strains are common and knowing the rehabilitating remedies is an important way to stay active. View Full Article... How to Change Your Sleeping Schedule Jan 22, 2017 By learning how to change your sleeping schedule, you can adjust new routines without sacrificing the quality of your sleep. Check out how you can make things work in your favor. View Full Article... Protein Shake Before or After Workout Sep 22, 2015 Protein shake before or after workout, which is better? That depends on what you want to achieve, weight loss or muscle growth. But the total intake matters more. View Full Article... What Happens When You Stop Taking Steroids? Jun 11, 2015 Steroids sometimes may be used illegally to gain advantage on playing field. What happens when you stop taking steroids? Will it cause any serious side effects? View Full Article... Working Out Before Bed, Is It Okay? Apr 29, 2015 Working out before bed can significantly improve the quality of sleep as well as reduce day time drowsiness. However, it's not the best time to work out. View Full Article... Will Running Burn Belly Fat? Apr 29, 2015 Will running burn belly fat? Though it might be effective in losing weight, it’s best to combine a healthy diet and other exercises together to get the best result. View Full Article... Healthy Habits to Keep for You and Your Kids Apr 29, 2015 Healthy habits like regular exercise and safe sex can help to increase your sense of happiness, improve your overall health and get a happy family life. Start now! View Full Article... <1234> Categories Pain Management Kidney & Urinary System Cold, Flu & Cough Dental Care Food & Nutrition Digestive System Men's Health Skin Ear, Nose & Throat Allergies Postpartum Care Miscellaneous Respiratory System Addiction Cancer Pregnancy Hair Disability Eye Health Brains & Nerves Diabetes Fitness & Wellness Oral Health Sex & Pregnancy Blood, Heart & Circulation Infections Parenting Immune System Bone, Joint & Muscle Endocrine System VIEW ALL...    Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHGUIDE.ORG © 2014, All rights Reserved. Last Updated 19 July, 2017. Current time: 07/19/2017 10:35:40 am (America/New_York)Memory usage: 3362.2KB