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New Health GuideNew Health Guide for Your Everyday Health. About UsHomePain ManagementKidney & Urinary SystemCold, Flu & CoughDental CareFood & NutritionDigestive SystemMore... All Disability Topics Facts about Physical Therapy Dec 31, 2014 Physical therapy is used with patients who have difficulty in moving around and perform everyday activities due to some injury or surgery. There are many different types of such therapy like excise and education. Physical therapist is professional in this process. View Full Article... Famous People with Bipolar Disorder Nov 27, 2014 What’s important to learn when consider all the world’s famous people with bipolar disorder is the way in which the condition does not necessarily have to prevent anyone from achieving great things – perhaps even going down in history as one of the greats. View Full Article... Edwards Syndrome Oct 08, 2014 When a baby has three copies of chromosome 18 instead of two, Edwards syndrome is the result. Severe developmental disabilities are possible with this disorder and many babies are stillborn or miscarry. View Full Article... Patau Syndrome Oct 08, 2014 Patau Syndrome is a serious chromosomal disorder that can affect one baby in 16,000. Few babies live beyond their first birthday and many are stillborn. Regular tests are necessary for every pregnant woman. View Full Article... High Functioning Autism Oct 08, 2014 Autism is a type of disorder of the brain that is characterized by difficulty in communication and interaction with others. This article describes the symptoms, diagnosis and management of high functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome. View Full Article... Famous People with Asperger’s Nov 03, 2013 Asperger’s is characterized by an extreme difficulty in social interactions. Most people with this syndrome choose to focus on a narrow field of interest, which has led to many famous people with Asperger’s syndrome making amazing contributions to various fields. View Full Article... Famous People with OCD Nov 03, 2013 There are several celebrities that suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. This condition can be frustrating, causing people to feel anxious or need to perform rituals, but these people have overcome these complications to make great achievements. View Full Article... Famous People with Dyslexia Nov 03, 2013 While many people struggle with dyslexia they can still achieve great things. Take a look here at the various famous people with dyslexia, see their accomplishments and know that you too can accomplish anything you want, despite dyslexia. View Full Article... Famous People with Borderline Personality Disorder Nov 03, 2013 Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a type of mental illness that is characterized by symptoms of anger, frequent mood swings and impulsiveness in behavior. There are many great and famous people who suffer from BPD. View Full Article... Famous People with MS Nov 03, 2013 MS or multiple sclerosis is a condition that causes damage to the nervous system. There are many celebrities that have this condition, but have used this as a means to raise awareness and help others that have the same disease. View Full Article... <12> Categories Pain Management Kidney & Urinary System Cold, Flu & Cough Dental Care Food & Nutrition Digestive System Men's Health Skin Ear, Nose & Throat Allergies Postpartum Care Miscellaneous Respiratory System Addiction Cancer Pregnancy Hair Disability Eye Health Brains & Nerves Diabetes Fitness & Wellness Oral Health Sex & Pregnancy Blood, Heart & Circulation Infections Parenting Immune System Bone, Joint & Muscle Endocrine System VIEW ALL...    Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHGUIDE.ORG © 2014, All rights Reserved. Last Updated 19 July, 2017. Current time: 07/19/2017 10:35:42 am (America/New_York)Memory usage: 3361.77KB