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New Health GuideNew Health Guide for Your Everyday Health. About UsHomePain ManagementKidney & Urinary SystemCold, Flu & CoughDental CareFood & NutritionDigestive SystemMore... All Allergies Topics Egg Intolerance: What to Avoid and What to Eat Jul 10, 2017 Egg intolerance occurs when you can't digest it properly. The easiest way to treat egg sensitivity is to avoid eggs. But apart from eggs, what else food should you look out for? View Full Article... Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergies Sep 01, 2016 Apple cider vinegar for allergies works great because it restores your body's natural pH balance. Apart from ACV, you can try other natural remedies like garlic to help. View Full Article... Wasp Sting Treatment Feb 02, 2015 Wasp sting treatments are essential in preventing infections and other complications. A wasp sting can get really dangerous if left untreated or if allergic reaction develops. View Full Article... 5 Steps to Deal With MSG Allergy and Foods to Avoid Feb 02, 2015 A MSG allergy can be easily managed if recognize the symptoms and triggers. With changes to your diet, you can greatly reduce your chances of a MSG reaction. View Full Article... Allergy Eye Drops Feb 02, 2015 Eye allergy is very distressing. Luckily, there're 5 types of allergy eye drops for various conditions. Knowing which allergy eye drop to use and how to use it is essential in caring your eyes. View Full Article... Coeliac Disease Jan 04, 2015 Coeliac disease is a common condition in which an autoimmune response is generated to the intake of gluten. Although incurable, it can be managed by consuming a gluten-free diet. View Full Article... Mosquito Bite Allergy Nov 27, 2014 Being bitten by a mosquito can be an unpleasant experience for anyone, but is worse for people who have a mosquito bite allergy. There are a number of symptoms, treatment options and ways to avoid getting bitten in the first place. View Full Article... Heat Intolerance Nov 27, 2014 Heat intolerance is a common problem for many people and can be due to various conditions and substances. Identifying what might be causing heat intolerance can help you eliminate the condition or treat the underlying cause. View Full Article... Allergic Reaction to Chocolate Nov 25, 2014 Many people are passionate about chocolate which can be found everywhere. However, many people are afraid of chocolate due to an allergic reaction to chocolate they once had. Allergic symptoms can be treated, just be sure to consult your physician first. View Full Article... Lactose Intolerance Nov 02, 2014 Lactose intolerance is an issue that many people deal with. You can learn the causes, risk factors, symptoms and how to integrate this illness into your life in a manner that will not affect the quality of life. View Full Article... <12> Categories Pain Management Kidney & Urinary System Cold, Flu & Cough Dental Care Food & Nutrition Digestive System Men's Health Skin Ear, Nose & Throat Allergies Postpartum Care Miscellaneous Respiratory System Addiction Cancer Pregnancy Hair Disability Eye Health Brains & Nerves Diabetes Fitness & Wellness Oral Health Sex & Pregnancy Blood, Heart & Circulation Infections Parenting Immune System Bone, Joint & Muscle Endocrine System VIEW ALL...    Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHGUIDE.ORG © 2014, All rights Reserved. Last Updated 19 July, 2017. Current time: 07/19/2017 10:35:42 am (America/New_York)Memory usage: 3361.28KB