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Attraction Secrets Of The True "Alpha Male"

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Dear Speed Seduction Student,

Recently, I got asked the following question, which has been coming up more and more lately:

"What's all this stuff about being a "cocky/funny" "Alpha" male? Is it true that "busting" on a woman and being "Alpha" is what it really takes to get the kind of hot women most men really want?"

Look: there is nothing wrong, per se, with being cocky or commanding or challenging with a woman. Hell, I even gave advice on exactly how to do this way back in 1988 when I wrote my original book, How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed .

But being cocky and sarcastic, by itself , is not going to get you into a woman's arms or her bed, unless you happen to already be so good looking that she feels her naughty parts tingle just by looking at you .

What being cocky and teasing a woman a little can do is get you past her initial, "Is this just another loser guy?" screening tests. It will get her attention, and hold it, for a little while. It will get you past her first set of screens and keep you talking with her, for a little while .

But then, what do you do? Then, what do you talk about?

Well, as I've taught thousands of guys just like you over the years, you need to be able to lead the conversation into the topics and themes that are most likely to capture and lead her imagination and emotions.

So you had better learn to drop the joking fairly quickly, and introduce those themes within the first 10 minutes of talking, or any woman good looking enough to have the choice will simply move on!

Doesn't that just make sense?

Leaders: Not Alpha "Boys!"
Now, let's clear the next point up: It is not that women (at least the half-way emotionally healthy ones) like "Alpha" men, at least as defined by these "gurus" as men who are loud, pushy, and full of themselves.

The reality is that humans, male and female alike, respond to leadership . And leadership has little or nothing to do with silly, teenage, juvenile posturing and high school games.

So what is real leadership and how can it help you be successful with women?

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