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Kobe Bryant's Crossover Dribble Rivals That Of a True Point-Guard: Its That Good

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    Uh oh, Kobe is about to stop and take this guy to "crossover" school.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    I often run out of superlatives when trying to describe the great Kobe Bryant's crossover dribble and how he basically assassinates every opponent, but for the sake of this countdown, I am going to try. Kobe Bryant is simply the world's greatest at what he does.   

    The only reason I have Kobe Bryant at No. 5 on my list is because he does so many other intangibles and those other guards before him on the list are just totally sick with their crossover moves. 

    But Bryant at 6-foot 6-inches tall, handles the ball with point-guard like skills.  He can dribble effectively with both hands, right or left, and has no weaknesses. 

    Bleacher Report readers do you hear me?  THIS MAN HAS NO WEAKNESSES ON THE BASKETBALL COURT!

    Be sure to click on his name below to see some of the most dazzling crossover moves ever.  Most of these moves were started by the crossover dribble and Kobe got the art of using the crossover dribble down to a science a long time ago. 

    In fact, Kobe has so many moves that he sometimes doesn't remember to use the crossover even though he knows that it is unstoppable.  Imagine having better moves in your arsenal than the crossover? You would then be on the same level as Kobe Bryant. 

    Watch how he rocks his opponent to sleep and them kills him with the crossover dribble.