10 Fashion Tips For Skinny men

If you’re one of those guys who can eat everything in sight without putting on an ounce or work out at the gym without bulking up, you will benefit from these ten fashion tips for skinny men. Before you head out for the mall, go through your closet and pull out anything that emphasizes your slight frame.

  1. Avoid anything oversized. Skinny men should take this fashion tip and stop wearing anything too big or bulky. It only makes you look like a boy playing dress-up in Dad’s clothes.
  2. Wear small shoulder pads to balance out your narrow frame. Not wearing shoulder pads may emphasize your narrow shoulders, but if you’re a skinny man, another fashion tip is to avoid shoulder pads that are too big. They’ll just make you look out of proportion.
  3. Jackets should hit you at the hip. Anything longer will make you look like an ostrich with too much body and toothpick legs. Shorter will make you look like a pre-pubescent boy.
  4. Another fashion tip for skinny men is to only wear flat-front pants. The puckers from pleats will give you unsightly, unnatural bulges when you sit.
  5. Avoid pinstripes—especially in pants. Skinny men should follow this top ten fashion tip if they don’t want to look like a pole.
  6. To look well-proportioned, wear straight-leg or boot-cut trousers and jeans. Stay away from skinny jeans or tapered pants that emphasize toothpick legs and no rear.
  7. When weather allows, wear turtleneck sweaters. A V-neck sweater will give you a crane-like appearance, drawing attention to your skinniness.
  8. Select spread collared dress shirts. The wider spread will give the appearance of wider shoulders. This is an important fashion tip for skinny men who want to climb the corporate ladder.
  9. Opt for layers. In addition to being practical for comfort, this top ten fashion tip for skinny men can actually give you the well proportioned look you want.
  10. Avoid wearing a belt that is too big. Nothing says “skinny” louder than a belt that you can wrap twice around your waist or hip.

All ten fashion tips for skinny men are formulated to make you look well-proportioned and confident in your appearance. Everything should fit, so you can focus on being your fabulous self.

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