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    Notes on the Transliteration of Chinese - Taiji or Tai Chi?

  • 2020-09-08 13:56:04

    Notes on the Transliteration of Chinese Text Pinyin is used throughout this web site for transliterating Chinese words. Developed in the mid 20th century by the Chinese government, the pinyin system is now the world standard for transliterating Chinese text. In 1997, the Library of Congress announced plans to switch to pinyin as the standard scheme for bibliographic records. According to the Library of Congress web page, the pinyin system "has already been the standard for the United States Government for more than two decades; it is also the standard used by the United Nations and most of the world's media." We realize that the name of the art is perhaps more widely recognized using the older Wade-Giles spelling as "Tai Chi Chuan," or simply "Tai Chi." However, for reasons stated above, the pinyin spelling as "Taijiquan" or simply "Taiji" is used throughout. Join Mailing List   |   Search   |   Links Copyright © 2004-2013 by the Center for Taiji Studies.